3 Ways Caffeine Can Boost Your Workout

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Caffeine gives coffee its energy boosting properties. It is consumed by people all over the world, with many people being unable to face the gym, go for a run, or complete a project at work, without a caffeine boost.  Some athletes believe that caffeine can even give them an extra boost in competitions, helping to give them a winning edge. But, how does caffeine really boost your workout?  

Three Ways Caffeine Can Boost Your Workout

1. Enhance endurance

Caffeine can slow glycogen depletion by encouraging the body to burn fat. This helps the body to conserve energy and can be really helpful if you are aiming to run a marathon, or climb a mountain.

2. Heighten cognition

Caffeine wakes you up, increases alertness and speeds up reaction times, all by stimulating the nervous system. So, if you need to get ready for a big day at work, or want to be ready for intense exercise then consume some caffeine and reap the rewards.

3. Prevent pain

Not only can caffeine help you to push harder, and go for longer in the gym, but research suggests that it can also help to reduce the perception of pain. By limiting the burn of high intensity exercise caffeine can help you to train harder and push beyond your current boundaries.
Caffeine can have a number of performance-enhancing effects. However, make sure you try it out in training and not right before an important competition, or presentation!

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  • Jul 31, 2018
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